Perfect for a short read…


Please note I received this book as an ARC in exchange for my honest review (may contain spoilers).

This was my first book by author Megan D. Martin and at 230 pages this was a nice short read. The first couple of chapters reeled me in quickly, the author starts out strong leading the reader to this event or “secret” hanging over the lives of Tyler Nusom and Rowan Steel, a secret which they both are so damaged from that she doesn’t date and he is ultimately using his business to shut down hers, poaching her employees and stealing their customers.

Fast forward a few more chapters and I started to feel the writing was at times elementary. Character development was lacking for me, the plot was at times confusing with the back and forth dialogue from past to present yet necessary for the reader to find out critical information. I was left with unanswered questions about Tyler’s friend Victor and his strong disdain for Rowan. Then there’s Tyler and Rowan who are at each others throats through most of the book, both characters are trying to move on yet remain friends which only leads to more self destructive behavior. Rowan is annoyingly accepting of people lashing out and downing her, several times I wanted to slap her and tell her to say something.

I felt the ending was a little rushed, when I finally found out the “truth” I was disappointed in the authors direction (I’ll save that one for you to read on your own). However, having said that, the end did make me tear up and for me that is a necessity when it comes to reading romance. Overall a good read for the price.

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