Red Hot Read

Another first read for me with this Author. Kate Allure delivers a fast paced red hot romance with this one. I was immediately sucked into the plot, the characters and the chemistry between Finn Hyde and Lilli West scorched my synapses. I was very excited and even fist pumped that my book slump was over, the sex scenes were beyond steamy and even though I found their encounter a little far fetched, I was committed.

Then about half way in I started realizing the plot was static and character development stalled for me. Characters you meet in the beginning are barely mentioned again and the project that brings them together is never resolved which led to an open ended conclusion that left me assuming what happens to them.

Throughout the entire book Lilli has doubts about herself and her submissive tendencies, it gets repetitive. Finn on the other hand is everything you would want in a Dom, and the British accent doesn’t hurt either. The punishments were creative albeit a little much I thought for a submissive in training and a lover who wants to bring her into his world slowly.

I still give it 4 stars because it was well written and a steamy read. If your into quick reads with BDSM this one is for you.

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