What About Us

This is the 4th book in the panic series, however I have not read the other books but I feel it can be read on its own just fine.

The story starts with a birthday party for a well-to-do 18 year old Helen Blackwood who is kissed by her childhood crush Alex Archer. Moments later her home is raided by the FBI and life as she knows it comes to an end. Fast forward twelve years, Helen has had endless struggles and finds herself working as a bartender at the Duality club. Alex Archer, has witnessed the worst and these life events have hardened him into a cold and callous person solely focused on his business.

When Alex recognizes Helen at the club he is curious about her and what she’s doing at the club. He finds himself drawn to her in inexplicable ways which repulses him especially since he has spent the last twelve years blaming her for his own struggles.

Overall it was a good story I would not consider it an erotic romance and in my opinion some of the plot felt rushed toward the end.

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