From RJ’s Writing Cave

The Summer months here in NJ are keeping me pretty busy and unfortunately, writing has taken a back seat. But rest assure, I have two pretty strong WIP concepts formulating and once time allows hopefully I’ll be able to sit down behind the computer and actually write them down!

I’ve been reading some great books in the mean time. Check out my bookshelf on Goodreads to see what I’m reading. Catching up on my TBR list is just as satisfying as writing my own and I love reading pool side or at the beach!

I love hearing from my readers and fellow indie writers what you are reading! So feel free to tell me know your book suggestions, indie writers feel free to plug your own books!



Taken from the Steel Pier in Atlantic City.

From RJ’s Writing Cave

I was lucky enough to spend some time on the beach last week for some much needed R&R! I also caught up on a few books in my TBR pile as well as breathed life into an idea for another full-length standalone contemporary romance novel that I’ve been itching to write. I’ll elaborate more on that soon…

I’m also knee deep in writing a Christmas novella that’s very steamy! Twelve Naughty Nights, the story of Becca, jewelry salesgirl by day, bartender by night and Liam, the devastatingly handsome restauranteur who knocks her off her feet with an all too enticing offer, Twelve Naughty Nights with his truly. Becca and Liam will leave you breathless.

If you haven’t checked out Fame: a love story yet featuring Jenna and Mark it’s still available free on Kindle Unlimited.

Thank you for your continued support and please be sure to leave a review or show me some love on social media. I love reading your comments! XOXO


What About Us

This is the 4th book in the panic series, however I have not read the other books but I feel it can be read on its own just fine.

The story starts with a birthday party for a well-to-do 18 year old Helen Blackwood who is kissed by her childhood crush Alex Archer. Moments later her home is raided by the FBI and life as she knows it comes to an end. Fast forward twelve years, Helen has had endless struggles and finds herself working as a bartender at the Duality club. Alex Archer, has witnessed the worst and these life events have hardened him into a cold and callous person solely focused on his business.

When Alex recognizes Helen at the club he is curious about her and what she’s doing at the club. He finds himself drawn to her in inexplicable ways which repulses him especially since he has spent the last twelve years blaming her for his own struggles.

Overall it was a good story I would not consider it an erotic romance and in my opinion some of the plot felt rushed toward the end.

The Red Ledger Part 1

downloadI’m not entirely sure why I waited so long to read The Red Ledger Series by Meredith Wild, maybe it was the apprehension of crossing over into the suspense genre, which I almost never do.  I’m a romantic, so I mostly stay within the confines of the Romance genre.

Now I’m disappointed that I waited, I should have known her works always leave me breathless and longing for more. Since the Hacker series I have been a trusting reader that Ms. Wild will deliver on an exciting plot, endearing characters and a writing style that will have you turning the pages until you find the last one which leaves you pining for the next book.

This book was nothing short of Ms. Wild’s previous works, her imagination knows no bounds and her writing style gives life to her characters like no one else.

Tristan Red is “murder for hire”, his past is darkness, his memories have been wiped after a military mission gone wrong.  His new life, focus on hit after hit, blend in and go unnoticed.  That is until Isabel Foster, daughter of a Pentagon official and unsuspecting victim calls out his name making him fail his mission.

He doesn’t remember how they are connected but he’s desperate to find out putting both their lives in danger making them both a target.  Isabel knows she is the key to his memories, but she’s in love with a man who no longer exists.  Tristan is oddly likeable despite his demeanor and while Isabel may be naive and broken her character shows great strength.

The story ends on a cliff hanger, but lucky for me Part 2 has already been released and I can’t wait to dive in!  Romance readers if you’re looking for something different, this book is for you.


Red Hot Read

Another first read for me with this Author. Kate Allure delivers a fast paced red hot romance with this one. I was immediately sucked into the plot, the characters and the chemistry between Finn Hyde and Lilli West scorched my synapses. I was very excited and even fist pumped that my book slump was over, the sex scenes were beyond steamy and even though I found their encounter a little far fetched, I was committed.

Then about half way in I started realizing the plot was static and character development stalled for me. Characters you meet in the beginning are barely mentioned again and the project that brings them together is never resolved which led to an open ended conclusion that left me assuming what happens to them.

Throughout the entire book Lilli has doubts about herself and her submissive tendencies, it gets repetitive. Finn on the other hand is everything you would want in a Dom, and the British accent doesn’t hurt either. The punishments were creative albeit a little much I thought for a submissive in training and a lover who wants to bring her into his world slowly.

I still give it 4 stars because it was well written and a steamy read. If your into quick reads with BDSM this one is for you.

Perfect for a short read…


Please note I received this book as an ARC in exchange for my honest review (may contain spoilers).

This was my first book by author Megan D. Martin and at 230 pages this was a nice short read. The first couple of chapters reeled me in quickly, the author starts out strong leading the reader to this event or “secret” hanging over the lives of Tyler Nusom and Rowan Steel, a secret which they both are so damaged from that she doesn’t date and he is ultimately using his business to shut down hers, poaching her employees and stealing their customers.

Fast forward a few more chapters and I started to feel the writing was at times elementary. Character development was lacking for me, the plot was at times confusing with the back and forth dialogue from past to present yet necessary for the reader to find out critical information. I was left with unanswered questions about Tyler’s friend Victor and his strong disdain for Rowan. Then there’s Tyler and Rowan who are at each others throats through most of the book, both characters are trying to move on yet remain friends which only leads to more self destructive behavior. Rowan is annoyingly accepting of people lashing out and downing her, several times I wanted to slap her and tell her to say something.

I felt the ending was a little rushed, when I finally found out the “truth” I was disappointed in the authors direction (I’ll save that one for you to read on your own). However, having said that, the end did make me tear up and for me that is a necessity when it comes to reading romance. Overall a good read for the price.

To be read…

Good Morning Everyone!

My summer went way too fast and unfortunately I got sidetracked on my summer reading list but I’m picking up where I left off.  I will be reading the 4th and Final book in the Edge Series by CD Reiss.  Her books always leave me mind blown, its hard to believe her stories are not real, that the characters are made up.  She packs a punch in a few hundred pages and truth be told, she is one of the few authors worthy of a second read.

I am also proud to announce I have read 13 out of 20 books on my Goodreads challenge.

More to come shortly.


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