A new standalone contemporary romance novella

Cupid’s Sacrifice – Available Now!

Aiden Blackwood has been in love with his best friend’s little sister since they were kids, but there’s one problem, he made a pact that she’s off-limits. Now she’s about to get engaged to the wrong guy. Will he risk losing his best friend and the girl of his dreams with the truth? Or will he sacrifice himself for her happily ever after?

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Heart Overboard (2021)

A summer cruise brings them together.  She’s not looking for love, but their connection is hard to ignore.  They say everyone has a soulmate, will she walk away from hers?

WIP – Enemies to Lovers (2021)



Twelve Naughty Nights

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A new standalone contemporary romance novella

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FAME: a love story

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A new standalone contemporary romance novel…

It’s been five years since Jenna divorced me. She’s everywhere in my mind, yet, nowhere in my reality.

Still, I wear my wedding band around my neck, reminding myself the magnitude of what I’ve lost, because when she left, she took everything.

I see her down the sidewalk, I promised no contact, but it’s fate we’re here at the same time. I follow her and take my chances, as I call out to her.

She sees me and when she hears her nickname roll off my tongue she runs. I contemplate letting her go. Too much history, too many broken promises flood the road between us, as she crosses the street to get away from me.

No. I’m not letting her go this time, not that easy. I grab her and spin her to me. She’s gorgeous in a white pant suit, her light brown hair flowing all around her.

My mind goes blank and I’m immediately thrown back in time to that night, in 1996, when I saw her for the first time.

The night that I pushed her away and made sure she stayed close at the same time.

She wanted fame, all I ever wanted was her.