A Friends to Lovers Romance Novella 

Who ever said love was easy? 

Aiden Blackwood has been in love with his best friend’s little sister since they were kids, but there’s one problem, he made a pact that she’s off-limits. Now she’s about to get engaged to the wrong guy. Will he risk losing his best friend and the girl of his dreams with the truth? Or will he sacrifice himself for her happily ever after?

Stephanie, the girl of my dreams.  
The girl that I compare all others to. The one that my soul recognizes as my perfect other half. Yet, she can never be mine. As her Brother’s best friend, she’s been off-limits because of a stupid teenage pact. So, I’ve sat in the wings, watching as she grew from a pain in the ass kid into the beautiful woman before me. Now, with her hotshot boyfriend back in town, I’m losing my mind. He doesn’t know her like I do. He’s in way over his head. He sees me as a threat, and now I’m a pawn in his quest for ‘I do.’ As long as she’s happy, I’ll sacrifice myself. After all, I’m not Cupid. I can’t make her want me.  

Dave Woodward is the perfect guy for me.  
On paper, he checks all the boxes. Well, all except for one. He’s not Aiden. I’ve harbored a secret crush on my Brother’s best friend since we were kids. Too bad he doesn’t know I’m alive, and it doesn’t matter. I gave up on that fantasy long ago. But one searing gaze and an innocent touch changes everything, making me realize everything that’s wrong, everything that is missing. Now my future isn’t so clear. My head tells me to stay with Dave, but my heart pulls me to make a move on Aiden. Sometimes, I wish Cupid would just shoot me with his arrow.