FAME: a love story

A standalone contemporary romance…

It’s been five years since Jenna divorced me. She’s everywhere in my mind, yet, nowhere in my reality.

Still, I wear my wedding band around my neck, reminding myself the magnitude of what I’ve lost, because when she left, she took everything.

I see her down the sidewalk, I promised no contact, but it’s fate we’re here at the same time. I follow her and take my chances, as I call out to her.

She sees me and when she hears her nickname roll off my tongue she runs. I contemplate letting her go. Too much history, too many broken promises flood the road between us, as she crosses the street to get away from me.

No. I’m not letting her go this time, not that easy. I grab her and spin her to me. She’s gorgeous in a white pant suit, her light brown hair flowing all around her.

My mind goes blank and I’m immediately thrown back in time to that night, in 1996, when I saw her for the first time.

The night that I pushed her away and made sure she stayed close at the same time.

She wanted fame, all I ever wanted was her.

Authors note:

Whats more fun than reminiscing about the 90’s?

As a millennial, I constantly find myself reliving the 90’s and I often catch myself telling my children how it was to grow up back then… I know I sound like I’m getting old here… Truth is, the 90’s were some of the best years of my life and for me reflecting back to that time reminds me how simple things were back then before smart phones and social media took over the world.

When I think back to what was so great about the 90’s my answer is… the music.  The boy bands, pop princesses and the rockstars.  Thank you to Sirius XM for providing nonstop 90’s music.

Then one morning I woke up from a vivid dream (I rarely remember my dreams) and it was about an idea I had years ago for a story.  A story I never was brave enough to write.

I immediately sat up, pulled out my iPhone and started typing my dream into my notes and that’s how Jenna and Mark’s story began.

Their story is a tumultuous one, about love, addiction, loss and the rise and fall of fame.

I hope you will relive the 90’s with Jenna and Mark for their story.  I am especially proud of it and I hope you enjoy it!